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Schedule of work: MON-FRI 8:30 - 17:00


"London at" - a camp where children learn English and Kazakh languages using a unique technique of "immersion" in the language environment. The peculiarity of the technique is the ability to activate passive knowledge. Grammar lessons, video classes - all classes are so non-traditional that they are perceived by children as an interesting vacation. Here are thematic programs for the camp. Season 1starts in June 2 and lasts till June15. 1 week “Seven summer legends”. On the territory of the children's camp, they will excavate 7 historical artifacts, each of which has mystical power. However, they are hampered by the evil wizard Caripola, who wants to assign findings to himself and thereby conquer the whole Earth. 2 week “Secrets of the planet Asteria”. In this period, the children undergo a real preparation for space flight: space history learning of development, space terms, aliens invasion, astronauts’ sports training, "Star Wars" quest and fascinating tours. Season 2 starts in June 16 and lasts till June 29. 1 week “World of Spies and Detectives”. During this week in the camp, children will be offered to reincarnate as superagents and master their most important qualities - logics, attentiveness, dexterity and speed. Children will have to learn various methods of encryption and make interesting experiences, as well as fire station visiting. 2 week “Captain Plumb’s Treasure”. At the beginning of this period a special bottle is given to children, inside of which a piece map is hidden. Each subsequent day of rest in children's camp, the guys find new passages. Due to these map pieces children will have to learn the secret of Captain Plumb’s schooner wreckage and find the treasure.

LANGUAGE CAMP PRICE OF"LONDON AT HOME.KZ" For the season (season 1: 02.06.2019-15.06.2019. Season 2: 06.16.2019-30.06.2019)

With accommodation130 000 KZT

Without accommodation 110 000 KZT


Service costs 12 000 tenge per season (13 days)


On the first arrival day, children have tests in language, which allow to reveal the children’s knowledge, they have received at school.

According to the test results, language groups consisting of a maximum of 16 children are formed.



Aнглийского языка по программе Оксфорда и Кэмбриджа с лучшими преподавателями курсов «Тамос Эдьюкейшн»


C носителями языка из Великобритании и Америки.


Kазахского языка по уникальной, собственной методике, с упором на разговор и знакомство с казахскими обычаями, культурой и песенным жанром.


In the afternoon and evening the interest clubs work and recreational activities are held.

    1. Sports variety: football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis. 
    2. Arts and craft activity (weaving beads, making cards, etc.)
    3. Chess
    4. Beauty club
    5. Discos.
    6. Show “We are looking for talents".
    7. Sports, matches and competitions.
    8. Staged song competition.
    9. Movie.
    pic Every Wednesday in the afternoon excursion is held (cinema, water park, entertainment centers). On Saturday there is a full day excursion outside the city (Turgen Falls, Lake Issyk, Butakov Falls, Falcon farm.) You can watch life episodes in summer camp in our video.

    "Elite private school" Tamos "- has all the necessary infrastructure to ensure the time spent in the summer camp" London at "was unforgettable!"


    Accommodation in spacious, comfortable rooms, on average, for six - seven people is available. Bunk beds are large, comfortable. Bathrooms are equipped with shower.

    - At night, almost all staff of the camp will be present, as well as security personnel. Feeding at “London at home. kz.” is 6 times for “overnight” children and 5 times for children“ without overnight ”. Menu is nutritious and varied.

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