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Almaty, 129/4 Abisha Kekilbayuly street

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Almaty, md. Nurly Tau, 100/1 Zhuldyz street

Schedule of work: MON-FRI 8:30 - 17:00


The main mission of the school - the development of the individual abilities of children, the implementation of a variety of educational needs based on a wide range of disciplines, and the contribution to the socialisation of the individual.

The school has a well-coordinated and highly qualified teaching staff: 70% of teachers have the highest and first category.

Teaching methods: pedagogy of cooperation, research, innovative research method, project method and developmental training.

Educational process: State standard, in-depth study of mathematics (increased number of hours, logic, developing logic games, entertaining mathematics, development of cognitive processes), science and mathematics in English for 3-4 class.

Work with gifted children: participation in City, National, International Competitions and Olympiads: Olympiads in Antalya, Bastau, Daryn, Kangaroo, Russian Bear, AK Bota, DaVinchi, Pythagoras, etc.

Smart Up School Technology

Technology aimed at awakening and developing the natural thirst for knowledge inherent in every child by nature.


Help the child to open up and learn to get joy from overcoming difficulties, solving intellectual and creative problems and reaching new heights in knowledge.

Methods: complex and prolonged game immersion; method of multiple multi-level tasks; method of discussions and Socratic dialogues; learning through the search for patterns; project activities; self-organization and self-government.

Educational work: thematic events – "Alphabet of Traffic", "His Majesty Etiquette", "Tugan Zher", "World of Science and Knowledge", "Dari dobro". School-wide Events: "Mom, Dad , I'm a sports family", "Meet Nauryz", "Ecological Marathon", "What? Where? When?", "Family Creativity". Fun Friday: Day Points Day Ties, Hats Day, the Invasion of the Cartoons, the Day of the Riddles.

Number of classrooms: Classrooms – 68, Computer Rooms – 2, Science Room– 1 , Gym – 2, Library – 1, Assembly Hall – 2, Choreography Hall -1, Healing Fitness -1, Vocal Studio -1, Medical Office – 1, Playground – 4, Dining Room – 1.

All classrooms are equipped with computers, interactive whiteboards, Internet access.

Free clubs: chess, choir, choreography, sports games: team, football, volleyball, pionerball.

Types of paid clubs: martial arts, football, music school, chess, mental arithmetic, speed reading, calligraphy, ballroom dancing, basketball, tennis and shooting.