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Almaty, 129/4 Abisha Kekilbayuly street

Almaty, md. Nurly Tau, 100/1 Zhuldyz street

Schedule of work: MON-FRI 8:30 - 17:00


Educational institution "Tamos Education Physics and Mathematics School” is pleased to open the doors of “Tamosik” kindergarten for you, dear parents and children! Kindergarten accepts children from January 9, 2017. The name of our kindergarten has a specific meaning to it, it conveys kind and sensitive attitude towards children as the main principle of our team. There are 8 groups with Kazakh and Russian languages ​​of instruction in “Tamosik”. As a result of long observations, we have a clear understanding of an ideal preschool institution. The kindergarten is located in an ecologically clean and spacious area of ​​the city, away from the dirt and noise of the metropolis. On-site parking is available too. You will be pleasingly surprised by the territory of the kindergarten which is equipped with playgrounds adapted for children of different ages and of individual characteristics. The building of our kindergarten is equipped with outdoor and indoor video cameras and professional security. There is autonomous heating (heated floors). Each group has a large, bright playroom, bedroom, dressing room and toilet. The groups have quartz lamps, air humidifiers, interactive whiteboards. The kitchen is equipped with modern appliances. Food complies with the norms and requirements of SanPiN. Medical professionals carefully prepare the menu, taking into consideration individual characteristics of each child. For the development, training and education of children, qualified teachers were invited: tutors with higher pedagogical education, teachers of Kazakh and English languages, creativity (members of the artists' union), and physical education. Our program provides an in-depth integrated study of the Kazakh and English languages ​​through games and activities. Native speakers use unique techniques. Experienced psychologists and speech therapists daily conduct remedial works with children. The standard development program is complemented by interesting extracurricular activities: dancing, creativity, chess, mental arithmetics. Our priorities are well-being of children and tranquility of parents! Kindergarten "Tamosik” accepts children from 3 years. Working hours: 8:00 - 18:00. Group with tutor on duty works until 19:00.

Contact number: +7 708 983 32 22.