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On the 22-26 of February the knowledge rating for pupils of 2-4 classes, on the 12-13 of April for students in grades 6-10 was held at school Tamos Knowledge rating included the following subjects:

Kazakh language


Speech development (2-4 grades of Kazakh department)



Literature (2-4 grades)

Science (2-4 grades)

Kazakhstan history

Biology (6-8 grades)

Chemistry (9-10 grades)

The number of points for one subject in each test was estimated as maximum 26. The number of points scored in all subjects was summed up, and the best students scored the maximum points were determined.
At the final stage, the number of points scored by students of each class who participated in rating was calculated.
The highest result showed 2 "A" and 6 "V" grades among Russian department.
Congratulations to the winners!

По результатам рейтинга победителями стали следующие ученики:

Ф.И.О. ученика Класс Количество набранных баллов по всем предметам Предметы, по которым набрали максимальное кол-во баллов (26 баллов)
1 Айтуаров Темирлан 10 120