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    Employment Opportunities at TAMOS
    We accept the best candidates in all areas of our business. We are the largest private school in Central Asia and in Europe. We strive to provide high quality education in the form of modern international curricula, modern teaching strategies, highly qualified faculties, modern educational institutions and environments where students can realize their maximum potential.

    Recognizing the dignity and worth of each member of our unique community, we recognize the importance of our mutual responsibility to each other, our society, our country and all other members of the global community. Education at our school provides and encourages tolerance, understanding and dialogue between all faiths, beliefs, ethnic groups and cultures. We treat everyone with humanity, kindness and generosity, tolerance and honesty, which cannot be imposed or ordered, but they can be modeled, studied and cognized. Every resident of the TAMOS community strives to constantly demonstrate these qualities.

    We strive to manage our educational community in an open, ethical and transparent manner and provide additional services to all our students, parents, employees, teachers and stakeholders, creating long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with internal and external stakeholders. In establishing contacts with other national, regional and international institutions, celebrating individual and organizational achievements. All our goals are inherent in the idea of enjoying the creation of a continuous learning environment, fostering innovation and creativity, and most of all enjoying the learning process.

    Work at TAMOS.
    TAMOS is the best place for development and professional growth, with a friendly and favorable environment. If you want to become part of our team, please send, together with your CV, a short cover letter to the address hr@tamos-education.kz

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    Primary Physics and Mathematics School
    129/4, Abisha Kekilbayeva Street
    Kindergarten «TAMOSIK»
    129/4, Abisha Kekilbayeva Street
    New school in Nur Alatau
    Nur Alatau District, 13 Street, building 140