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Language Department

In the academic year 2016-2017, the educational company "Tamos Education" opened a new school at the foot of the mountains, in a beautiful and ecologically clean area.  The new school combines physical and mathematical direction and a new, linguistic element, and was called "Tamos Education Linguistic School"

A feature of TELS is a combination of strong linguistic and basic education. In other words, the school is designed to provide the state standard of education with in-depth study of foreign languages.

The study of English in full is introduced to the 1st grade students, exceeding the number of hours of the state standard. From the fifth grade, a 2nd European language is added. From the 9th grade, as an optional course, it is possible to choose an Eastern language (Chinese, Arabic or Japanese). Thus, high school students will learn three foreign languages at once.

There is a maximum of 22 students in each class. They are divided into 2 groups during English classes.

Highly qualified Kazakh and foreign teachers work with students on the latest communication-oriented techniques.

 In primary school, each class has a class teacher and an assistant teacher with knowledge of English. Assistant teachers converse with students in English throughout the day.

The new school has a good material and technical base. The bright and spacious rooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards. There are also fully equipped sports halls, dance halls and two dining rooms.

In the academic year 2018-2019, the number of students in the school reached 1,200. Three academic buildings were built, as well as a kindergarten and a building for students of zero class.

English at the language school

Today English is one of the most popular languages in the world. It covers all spheres of human communication: science, mass media, education, work and leisure, and has become a necessity.

Every child has the ability and talent to learn languages and in the specialized Linguistic Department of Tamos they are given the chance to learn languages in an environment where teachers are native speakers from English-speaking countries such as Australia, the United States and of course the UK. Our students learn academic language and how to communicate effectively without compulsion, at the level of a native speaker.

It is also important to learn English grammar which is taught by our local English Teachers. Local English teachers also help and conduct additional lessons to underachieving or new students who joined during the year or master the material at a different rate.

There is also a fun part of learning languages in our PBL lessons (Project Based Learning/Project Work).  In PBL lessons, students master the material in the form of different games or projects.

Teachers work on books published by Cambridge and use their methodological techniques.

At the end of the year students of TELS will take Cambridge tests to determine their level of English. The results of all Cambridge English exams will provide a detailed picture of students ' performance and abilities at each level of the European Language Competence Scale. Cambridge English exams are trusted and recognised by thousands of organisations around the world.

Our teachers can offer the most effective way to prepare for these tests and get an international certificate.

According to one of the founders of the school, Dauren Tulenovich Kaupynbayev, the Linguistic School of Tamos education is designed to join the best educational institutions of the country, which will produce citizens of the world, adapted to any cultural and academic conditions.