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    Tamos Education prime mission is to produce students who are lifelong active students. We coach our students to be self-motivated, open-minded and cooperative citizens with an intellectual and behavioural foundation which will enable them to become exemplary members of the world community. Our students are lifelong learners who celebrate education, community, diversity and understanding through compassion and cooperation, using innovation to contribute further to Kazakh and global societies.

    We provide for our student’s opportunities to achieve academic excellence and attain global citizenship, providing a dynamic internationally based academic curriculum strengthened by guidance, encouragement and a nurturing environment.

    Our Philosophy:

    Every student has the inalienable human right to learn in a safe and productive environment. Every child has unique talents and skills, learns in their own unique way and at their own unique speed. Every child has the greatest of potential and we encourage each child to explore their individual talents as we help to bring out the best in them.

    Learning is acquired through a cognitive, constructive process. Our international curriculums focus on an experiential learning experience at all levels. At TAMOS Education we are student-centred and we focus on individual learning styles and a partnership among students, teachers, parents and the broader community.

    Acknowledging the dignity and self-worth of each of the members of our unique community we recognize the importance of our mutual responsibilities to each other, our society and to all others in the Global World Community. TAMOS Education provides and promotes, tolerance, understanding and dialogue between all creeds, beliefs, ethnicities and cultures.  We treat everyone with humanity, goodness and generosity, Tolerance and honesty cannot be forced or ordered, but they can be modelled, studied, and taught. Everyone in the TAMOS community should strive to demonstrate these characteristics at all times.

    We strive to manage our educational community in an open minded, ethical and transparent manner and to deliver value-added services to all our students, clients and business partners building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with internal and external stakeholders. In networking with other domestic, regional and international organizations celebrating individual and organizational accomplishments.

    Inherent in all our objectives is the idea to have fun, create a continuous learning environment, foster innovation and creativity and most of all enjoy the learning process.


    TAMOS Education believes in the following six main values:

    *Leadership: Our Management’s leadership promotes the continual development of our students, clients and staff in all areas of world education.

    *Service Excellence: Tamos Education is committed to providing the highest possible level of educational services and academic excellence.

    *Integrity: TAMOS Education is committed to honesty, fairness, equality, equity and ethical practices.

    *Cooperation: We belief partnerships with parents, the community, industry and society are the best way to achieve excellence in personal and professional growth

    *Recognition: We provide an atmosphere and environment which encourages innovation and recognizes the accomplishment of our staff, students and shareholders.

    *Tradition: We believe we can bring the culture and traditions from Kazakh history with us and share them with an international world.

    TAMOS Education Objectives:

    TAMOS Education continually strives to provide high quality education in the forms of modern international curriculums, highly trained faculties, modern learning facilities and environments where students can reach their highest possible potential. For this reason, we endeavor…

    To provide comprehensive international curriculums which emphasize strong academic and creative expressions and which facilitate entry to national and international higher-level schools and universities.

    To recruit, retain and train qualified, experienced, adaptable and highly capable teachers and to keep those teachers at a high standard by promoting excellence through achievement and continual professional development.

    To promote high standards of behavior and to foster caring, understanding, respectful and supportive relationships between all members of our international community.

    To develop understanding, appreciation and respect towards the diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds within and without our local community.

    To prepare our students for life-long learning and equip them with the skills and adaptability to compete confidently in a rapidly changing world.

    To help our students develop the self–confidence, self–discipline and the high ethical standards to enable then to communicate and operate within today’s global community

    Create a safe and secure environment in which students can learn without fear of abuse, bullying, discrimination or negative influence

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