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      Tamos Education
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      Tamos Education
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    At TAMOS Education, everything is designed to make students discover that learning is an exciting and challenging process, and they themselves grew up as balanced personalities.
    To make this, the educational process is divided into equal parts of academic, sports and extracurricular activities. The teacher gives each student the individual attention that they deserves. The teacher’s aim is to teach a child how to think, not teach him what to think. TAMOS Education provides students with unique opportunities to discover their talents and express their abilities. The spirit of school fraternity reigns here and teamwork is appreciated. Everything here is for the child to be not only diversified, but also educated and decent.
    30+ nationalities
    50+ foreign teachers
    40 000 square meters total area
    1:8 teacher-student ratio

    Why TAMOS ?

    1. IT School

    Several directions will be implemented: Computer Science, RoboClub, FabLab, FlyLab, 3D Design, GreenLab. Children who acquire knowledge in IT will have great prospects for further development. We are currently working on enabling students to actively participate in olympiads of various levels and take part in international competitions. By achieving prize-winning positions, they will have the opportunity to enroll in top universities worldwide

    2. Advanced Placement

    We are enrolling for the American Advanced Placement (AP) program for 9th and 10th grades! AP exams are taken annually by over 4 million high school students from more than 120 countries worldwide. Achieving the highest scores (4-5) opens doors to Ivy League and Russell Group universities.

    3. Cambridge International

    The education here is according to the Cambridge international program. Children who graduate Grades 11 and 12 at Cambridge School are officially A-level graduates. TAMOS has also received accreditation and is the official center for passing Cambridge exams, such as IELTS, Starters, Flyers, Movers, KET, PET and English Advanced. Pupils of the Cambridge School participate in sports competitions of the international organization COASH.

    4. Physics and Mathematics School

    For over 25 years, the physics and mathematics school has prepared more than 1000 winners of International, Republican and City Olympiads. In Primary school, children learn math using a unique technique in a playful way. In Secondary school, children study hard in such subjects as physics, geometry and algebra. Our students also study mathematics and science using international program in English.

    5. Linguistic School

    Linguistic school was founded in 2016. Children learn two foreign languages - English and Chinese (starting from grade 5). English is taught by native speakers from countries such as England, the USA, Australia and the Netherlands. At the end of school, children pass IELTS. In grade 5, children additionally learn Chinese through the international “QuickChinese” program with a native speaker from China. Each class has its own curator - a native speaker.

    6. Kindergarten

    Kindergarten is located in the most environmentally friendly and spacious area of the city. For the development, training and upbringing of children, qualified teachers are invited: teachers with higher pedagogical education, teachers of Kazakh and English languages, creativity (members of the Union of Artists), Physical education. An experienced psychologist and speech therapist conduct daily correctional work with children and classes for speech development.


    The school was founded in 1998.
    “Industry Leader” in 2013 and 2016.
    More than 100 specialized study rooms.
    3 directions: Physics and Math, Linguistic, Cambridge.
    Founders and organizers of the Republican Winter Math games.

    News - Section under construction

    3500 students
    The number of students is growing every year
    Every graduate is our pride
    Under the tutelage of the best educators and teachers
      We invite you to join our family and start studying at Tamos Education!
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    PRICES FOR 2023-2024

    Tuition for the 2024-2025 academic year will be:
    School Grade Price (kzt) Additional educational services
    Primary math school, Kekilbayev Campus 0 grades 1 600 000 0
    1-5 grades 2 000 000 320 000
    IT School, Kekilbayev Campus 6-9 grades IT 2 000 000 390 000
    Physics and Math school,Nur Alatau Campus (Russian Department) 1-9 grades 2 000 000 730 000
    10-11 grades 2 000 000 600 000
    Linguistic department of the school in NurAlatau Campus (Russian department) 1-4 grades 2 000 000 1 030 000
    5-9 grades 2 000 000 1 230 000
    10 grades 2 000 000 900 000
    American AP Program (Russian and Kazakh Department) 10-11 grades 2 000 000 990 000
    Physics and Math school,Nur Alatau Campus (Kazakh Department) 1-9 grades 2 000 000 580 000
    10-11 grades 2 000 000 400 000
    Linguistic School, Nur Alatau Campus (Kazakh Department) 1-4 grades 2 000 000 850 000
    5-9 grades 2 000 000 940 000
    Cambridge International School, Nur Alatau Campus Kindergaten, Grade 0 4 700 000 0
    1-5 grades 4 900 000 0
    6-8 grades 5 200 000 0
    9-10 grades 5 700 000 0
    11-12 grades 6 200 000 0
    Kindergarten, Nur Alatau Campus (*including food) 230 000 per month 0
    Pre-school classes in Nur Alatau Campus (*meals included) 0 grades 2 610 000 0
    The annual payment for food (Grades 1-4) is 600 000 KZT
    The annual payment for food (Grades 5-11) is 650 000 KZT
    The monthly payment for transportation services is 38 000-42 000 KZT (more distant locations – calculated individually)
    The following system of discounts for tuition in the 2024-2025 academic year is provided:
    • 5% – if two children from the same family are studying, the discount is valid for one child;
    • 5% – if three children from the same family are studying, the discount is valid for each child;
    • 7% – if you pay the cost of training for the entire 2024-2025 academic year until June 1, 2024;
    • 5% – if you pay the cost of training for the entire 2024-2025 academic year until September 1, 2024;
    • Total amount of discounts should not exceed 20% of the tuition fee.
    A one-time entry fee is:
    Grade Price ( kzt )
    Grades 0 0
    Grades 1-7 300 000
    Grades 8 – 9 150 000
    Grades 10 – 11 0
    Kindergarten 200 000
    The system of discounts on the entry fee is not provided:

    our team

    Learning foreign languages

    Obtained the status of Cambridge English Authorized Exam Center (we officially conduct the following tests: IELTS, Starters, Flyers, Movers, KET, PET, English Advanced)
    3 languages for learning: Kazakh, Russian and English
    Language immersion at Tamos Camps
    Learning Chinese under the international program "Quickchinese" from grade 5 in a special linguistic department

    Our achievements

    Over 300 students - winners of international competitions
    Forbes Private School No. 1
    100% of graduates enter the top universities of near and far abroad
    Received International Cambridge School Status
    Joined the international organization COASH

    Comfort and safety

    - Internal school transportation service - more than 100 buses.

    - A modern dining room with a diet menu - more than 2000 seats.

    - Reliable security service - more than 40 internal security personnel (experience in law enforcement at least 10 years).

    - Over 40,000 square meters - the area is all rear.

    - More than 200 surveillance cameras.



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    Primary Physics and Mathematics School
    Abisha Kekilbayeva Street 129/4, Bostandyk district 050060, Almaty, Kazakhstan
    Kindergarten «TAMOSIK»
    Kakimbek Salikov Street 140, Nur Alatau, Bostandyk district 050045, Almaty, Kazakhstan
    New school in Nur Alatau
    Kakimbek Salikov Street 140, Nur Alatau, Bostandyk district 050045, Almaty, Kazakhstan